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10 Fat Burning Tips to a Leaner You!

Thursday Ocotber 16 2014 12:54 PM

I've got some great news! - Burning Fat is NOT Rocket Science! It takes a little bit of education and a whole lot of implementation (Other known as MASSIVE ACITON). One of our clients Kate (Pictured above) applied everything we taught her for an amazing transformation! It's about  consistently applying simple steps and tips that will help you meet your fat loss goals.

It is important to remember though that you didn't gain those extra kilos over night, so they won't magically disappear over night either. (And don’t be fooled by the short term weight loss solutions that have you loosing quickly short term only to be detrimental in the long term - there is NO magic pill)

Anyone who tries to sell you anything that will burn your fat overnight (the latest fat loss pills, fat loss shakes, surgery and the list goes on) will only be cleaning money from your bank account.


Sadly, in an effort to fit into your skinny jeans, many are willing to explore desperate measures that will do nothing but disappoint. Don't make that mistake.

Take a look at these simple tips. Print them off, put them on your fridge or somewhere that you'll be continually reminded of them. You may not be able apply all ten tips right away, but even if over the next ten weeks you apply one tip a week, by the end of ten weeks you'll have transformed your eating and be well on your way to a leaner body.


1. Take your measurements! Weigh yourself, but more importantly, take measurements of your chest, waist, abdomen, hips, arms and thighs. If you're exercising at the same time as changing your nutrition, you may be losing cm's but this will not necessarily show up on the scales because muscle weighs 3x more than fat! 

You may be replacing a little fat loss with a little muscle gain and break even on the scale. This can be SO discouraging. (but don't let it be). The goal is to drop clothe sizes and focus on body fat loss. Stop focussing so much on weight loss! 

By quantifying with tangible evidence in the form of measurements, you can compare and not just 'eye ball' your physique.

2. Train! Nutrition alone will only give you a smaller version of your current self. Nutrition helps with the weight loss but training is where you build a physique! This is probably not what you had in mind. Build lean muscle with resistance training while boosting your metabolism. Include HIIT (high intensity interval training) to burn calories while you're training and up to 38 hours after! 

3. Start eating MORE! Your body goes into survival mode when it isn’t getting fed often! 

So do your body a favour, let it know to keep the fire of your metabolism going with meals and snacks spaced 2-3 hours apart.

Studies have also shown that subjects who write down what they eat have 2x the results of those who don't! So keep a journal close by (i.e next to your bed), so that every night before you go to sleep, BOOM, you fill it out.

4. Pack a lunch (or snack). Never go anywhere empty handed. I am always seen carrying a portable esky around! Always have a healthy snack at hand: almonds, protein shake, a carrot.  

It's easier NOT to succumb to rubbish food when a healthy choice is close at hand. 

5. Reduce simple sugars. Read labels and keep sugar consumption, especially refined sugars, to a minimum. (We’re talking lollies, chocolate, ice-cream, doughnuts, soft drinks, fruit juices, yogurts, pasta sauces and TONNES of condiments like BBQ Sauce)

Sugar turns to FAT when you don’t use it as energy! And these days - Sugar is in everything! You only have to pick up a label and have a read on the back to find out. To find out how many teaspoons of sugar are in something, divide the total number of grams in the packet by 4 (for e.g. a can of coke roughly has 40grams of sugar. So 40/4 = 10 teaspoons of sugar! Try putting 10 teaspoons into a cup - You’ll be surprised how much there is! 

Even though fruits are great foods loaded with nutrients, they also contain fructose. Fructose in too high quantities can slow down thyroid function. So keep fruit to a minimum and if you’re trying to loose weight - go for berries! 

6. Eat protein at every meal. Protein not only helps to repair and rebuild tissue, it also stabilises blood sugar. If you have a little protein with every meal, you won't experience the highs and lows associated with an insulin rush when you eat carbohydrates alone. 

Protein helps to moderate insulin so that you won't feel starved and run down. It helps keep energy levels more stable.

There are plenty of good quality proteins to choose from (Rump steak, chicken breast, salmon, turkey, eggs, lentils, beans) and going for clean organic sources are the key! Even Woolworths these days seem to be stacking the Organic range which is MUCH better than the other stuff on the shelf! 

7. Start eating FAT! The good fat that is! Don't skimp on good fats such as extra virgin olive oil, nuts, avocado, salmon and fish oils. AVOID at all costs trans fats, vegetable oils and margarines. 

Too much fat will result in weight gain, however good fats help with nutrient absorption, nerve and cell membrane integrity. And eating good fats will help keep you feeling full so that you don't feel like you need to eat everything in the cupboard. 

8. Drink up! Replace sugary drinks, diet drinks, fruit juices and even caffeinated beverages with water and more water. Remember 10tsp of sugar in a can of coke says it all (its the #1 drug in society). Surprisingly, water has a thermogenic effect so that it helps to keep metabolism boosted while it hydrates you. 

9. Cut out the junk! It seems like a no brainer, but just don't bring tempting unhealthy junk food into your house. If its not there, you won't eat it. Period. NO excuses. Just walk by that aisle in the grocery store and don't allow that crap into your trolley!

10. Take personal responsibility and ownership! At the end of the day, it is you and I who decide to make the decision to do something. We all know the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a mouth! No one is forcing food into your mouth except you. 

If you want to eat that piece of chocolate, its your decision, the chocolate didn't grow legs and jump into your hands did it?

Who's decision is it to stop drinking sugary drinks? yours.

Who's decision is it to avoid bat fats? yours.

Who's decision is it to pack a snack when you are away for the day? yes you guessed it, yours

So the next time you are having a bad day, not feeling well, and feel like eating a kilo of chocolate,  just remember that it is you who is making this decision, it's your responsibility to take a stand.

Sometimes the truth hurts but when you start to make better choices and deicsions around your health, the truth sets you FREE! 

Create the Ripple Effect! 

Yours in Health & Fitness

Dale White

Head Trainer & Exercise Scientist