Ripple Fitness is a Mobile Personal Training & Bootcamp Company. 

We deliver the very best in Personal Training and Bootcamps from Brisbane through to Logan! Yes, We Come To You!

Our Rip Fit Trainers are fun, challenging and results driven! We customise every program and design it based on your needs and lifestyle (because we know everyone is different!)

We provide real world REULTS by utilising accountability, support and hard work. We make exercise fun and help people achieve all the health and fitness goals they're after!

Ripple Fitness was created in 2007 by Dale White.  Dale operated as an independent trainer for 5 years.  During this time he completed his Human Movement studies degree whilst running the business part time.


He has lectured throughout Queensland to future personal trainers and aqua instructors. Dale is striving to build a reputation as one of the fitness industries best. Dale is a trainer who comes from a tremendous athletics background, particularly long distance events. His family was brought up with exercise and fitness as a way of life. In saying this, from an early age he struggled with diet issues and feeding his body the right food.


It was not until he finished his 4 year degree in Human Movements and delved deeper into the human body and mind that he learnt to overcome his issues with proper nutrition and food. Dale has committed his life to helping others in the fight for optimal health.


In the beginning of 2010, Dale had a vision to create a team of positive motivated individuals that will in turn inspire others. Thus Dale set out to build his team. By the end of 2010, Ripple Fitness had tripled its business and taken on a new trainer, Dave Funnell.


Dale has been trained and coached by some of the most successful coaches world-wide. He has studied 1000’s of pieces of literature with regards to the psychology of successful people and how to produce RESULTS consistently. Dale leads by example and trains his current client base as well as continuing to build and educate his team of trainers to be the best from Brisbane to the Gold Coast!