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I told a client "Don't break a nail" - Her response was Amazing!!!

Monday August 04 2014 1:18 PM


Every time I travel for business, It's almost like my clients instinctively know because I'm always blessed with a barrage of text messages or emails from them (just as I’m about to get on the plane mind you :-). 

Nevertheless! My clients are awesome! They just are. Not only are they positive, friendly, supportive, caring, down to earth and hard working people but they also come up with some greats words of wisdom from time to time! 

I had a client send me this over the weekend - something the ladies (or perhaps fellas, I'm not judging) can relate to. A tip from me - Keep an open mind and try not to over-analyse it, just read and take what-ever message works for you!

"At Bootcamp the other day, do you recall saying to me "don't break a nail? Well I was thinking today and breaking a nail signifies a lot of things in life. From breaking it initially, to re-shaping it and ultimately growing it back stronger than ever. 

My client didn’t outline the steps below, but I’ve done it in this way for easier reading. Nevertheless, the content and main points come from her:

1) Breaking your nail - we all have those days where we feel as a person a little broken, perhaps cracked or chipped. It may be an injury or just emotional stuff coming up with family, friends, work or training.

2) Re-shaping that nail - this part is about picking up the pieces that are broken inside and mending yourself whether it’s emotionally or physically to get back on the right track. It’s important to have supportive people around you to help mend the pieces. 

3) Growing - the growing process is about being patient and growing once again. Sometimes, you're not always going to see the results straight away but if you’re patient, stay consistent, and have a strong belief in your goal, it will pay off.

4) Full Grown Nail, Stronger than ever - And then, such as life does, the cycle continues, only this time, your nail is stronger and continues to strengthen over time, just as you do as a person.  

"So yeah nails can signify a lot! It certainly does with my journey! I just thought id share that thought :-)”

Well I’m glad she shared! Because for me - this signifies quite a lot! Everyones life has it’s ups and downs. How you perceive your life really comes down to how you handle the ups and downs that you experience on a daily basis. It seems like so many people that break a nail (metaphorically speaking) just bitch and moan about breaking it. 

They bitch and moan to their friends, their family, their work colleges, heck even complete strangers! They think the system is targeting them and life is so unfair - so they get caught up in their own story of how life is so hard! Someone comes along to help and they carry on like a pork chop “oh no, it’s too late for me, I’ve broken my nail, can’t you see??”. A great opportunity comes along  “Oh no, I have a broken nail, I can’t do that”.

Their broken nail becomes the story on why they can’t achieve what they want in life! These are usually the people that are so insecure about their own nails that they start making fun of other people’s nails and try to put them down. 

Then, you have the people who break a nail and say “oh shit, I broke a nail - far out!! oh well, I guess I’ll just have to grow it back. Perhaps next time I’ll be a little bit more careful! 

They break it, they re-shape it, they grow it back stronger than ever and get on with it! 

Nails break - shit happens! Go back and grow another one that surpasses the one before it! (Just maybe not as long as this lady!! Crazy!!) 

And don’t forget - If you feel like coming and breaking a nail with us, you can sign up for a FREE Bootcamp session on me (2 sessions if you have nice nails ;-) - 

Create the Ripple Effect! 

Yours in Health & Fitness

Dale White

Head Trainer & Exercise Scientist