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Get Out of Your Pity Pit!

Thursday March 14 2014 3:12 PM


I finished Bootcamp this morning and sat in my car for at least 60 minutes. I didn’t feel like doing anything. I kept thinking about the 8.30am circuit class that I’d scheduled in the night earlier. 

Today was one of those days. You know those days, you feel a little “off”. Lacking energy and motivation, my mind started to wander. You see, this past week I’ve been pretty slack with my exercise. I’ve been in a rut! 

I’ve been feeding myself excuses day after day justifying my actions. I’m in the car and I start reading the “Hunger Games” - it’s the book I’m into at the moment (it’s awesome) and I’ve completely written off the circuit class at 8.30am because of course - I’m in my "pity pit". It’s currently 7.52am. 

  I get a notification on my phone about a   new video one of my mentors has put up   on Youtube! Without thinking, I click the   link and it starts:

  "There will never be a point in your life     when its the right time to do something    great! You have to create the time for     greatness!”

The first line hits me like a Mike Tyson right hook! I put my book down immediately! "Being great is about the small wins everyday! Day after day, workout after workout.." 

The video goes on like this for about 7 minutes and I’m completely absorbed in it, hanging on every word. I feel goosebumps all over my body as the video hits the emotional strings it’s designed to do. 

7.59am - I sit back, take a deep breathe and think about the habits of successful people. I start to wonder if the most successful people in the world (the Oprah Winfrey's, Donald Trump’s, Richard Branson’s) have ever been in the same situation? Zapped for energy, lacking motivation?  

After reading multiple books on all 3 - I can tell you I already know the answer! YOU BET THEY DID! Being human means hitting rough patches, facing obstacles, challenges and tough times. It’s because of the tough times that we become stronger mentally, physically and spiritually. 

"Being great is about the small wins everyday! Day after day, workout after workout..” 

That line hits something because I go over it again and again in my head before putting the keys in the ignition and driving to the gym. 

Yeah, I feel like crap now but if I don’t do the class, how will I ever expect to reach my full potential? How will I ever reach the goals I’ve set? The dreams I have? 

You need to treat every workout, every set and every rep as something thats taking you one step closer to your goals! 

At the end of the day, we’re all human, we all have the exact amount of hours in the day.. It comes down to how you use those hours? Do you waste time or make the time? 

Sure, we all have our ups and downs but it’s about what you do when you’re down? Do you stay down, run away, give up? Or do you get back up swinging and remember those goals you’ve set? 

It takes less than a second to make a change! It doesn’t matter how bad you feel! If you want something bad enough, you’ll make it happen! 

Every day, I set myself up to win by working out, eating right, listening to motivational videos, music, podcasts and growing as a human being. Sometimes even I fall off the horse (And the best of us do) but it’s about how quickly you get back up and keep moving forward. 

Here are some great strategies to get you out of your own pity pit: 
- Listen to music
- Watch motivational videos
- Paint
- Draw
- Write
- Do some gardening
- Go for a walk
- Play with a pet (dogs are awesome)
- Call someone who inspires you 

Being human means falling down, being super-human means getting back up every time! 

Create the Ripple Effect! 

Yours in Health & Fitness
Dale White

Head Trainer & Exercise Scientist