Ripple Fitness is a Mobile Personal Training & Bootcamp Company. 

We deliver the very best in Personal Training and Bootcamps from Brisbane through to Logan! Yes, We Come To You!

Our Rip Fit Trainers are fun, challenging and results driven! We customise every program and design it based on your needs and lifestyle (because we know everyone is different!)

We provide real world REULTS by utilising accountability, support and hard work. We make exercise fun and help people achieve all the health and fitness goals they're after!

Rip Fit Head Trainer Dale White (BAppSc, BBus)

My name is Dale White and I've been in the Health & Fitness industry for a number of years now (10+ years). Predominately, my experience has been in the health and fitness industry along with study of the psychology of successful people.

I am a trainer who comes from a tremendous athletics background, particularly long distance events. My family was brought up with sport as a way of life. In saying this, from an early age I've struggled with diet issues and feeding my body the right food. It was not until I finished my 4 year degree in Human Movements and delved deeper into the human body that I learnt to overcome my issues with dieting and food.

I have met so many other people with these same struggles and have made a decision to commit my life to helping others in fighting for their health and winning their lives back through getting people excited about what they can achieve through eating healthier, becoming active, and having fun all at the same time.

It's never about choosing one diet because there is no "one size fits all" in dieting or exercise. It's about creating an individualized program that is practical, healthy, motivating, and results driven.

My mission is to help people Step Up and take control of their lives by creating an abundance of healthy lifestyle options through massive action and achievable goals.



Certificate III in Fitness, Certificate IV in Fitness, BAppSc, BBus, 5+ years experience, Specialties: Weight Loss + Nutrition , Corrective Exercise Training, Strength & Conditioning Training, Aqua Trainer, Children's Trainer, Gym Trainer, Cardio-Vascular Specialist. 11 Years combined athletics, running and swimming experience. 




Graduated Queensland University of Technology with a double degree in Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSc) majoring in Human Movements & Bachelor of Business (BBus) majoring in Banking & Finance. 


Personal Achievements


Assistant Coach and Trainer to an Elite Team of Iron-Man Athletes, including a 3 time World Leading Iron-Man Champion and a Team of Elite Iron-men & women

Personally Mentored by Fitness Professional of the Year 2008 Matt Patti and his Team

Competed for Australia in Cross Country

Completed Bachelor of Applied Science (specialising in Human Movements)

Close Mentoring from Coaches renowned for training Olympians across the globe

Studied 100's of different pieces of literature relating to personal development and training (immersed myself over the last 5 years in personal training and development)

Personally reviewed and studied 1000’s of videos of personal training/development

Studied Human Psychology and Behaviour from a number of world leading experts including Anthony Robbins and Christopher Howard

Aqua Trainer to some of Australia’s greatest Aquaerobics instructors

Awarded the Dux at my Education Institute for Leadership Skills & Intellect