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I Hit Rock Bottom.. And why other Personal Trainers won't tell you about it!

Monday July 21 2014 2:06 PM


Just as kryptonite paralyses Superman, taking on too much at once paralyses me! My constant battle has always been with trying to do too much at once! I attempt to take on everything (chase 7 rabbits at once) and end up crashing and burning. 

   It happens in the personal training industry way too      often with the trainers as much as it does with 

   the clients. We’re simply trying to push too many        hours without getting the adequate rest and food to    maintain those hours. 

I literally crashed and burned four weeks ago! Before that, I was running around trying to do way too much and thinking I could handle it all. I was making leaps and bounds in the business but I was sacrificing sleep (I was only getting about 5-6 hours), I wasn’t eating regularly or the right foods (Because I did’t have the time), and I was skipping out on my training. 

Well, it all caught up with me when Monday morning came along and I was just exhausted (Both mentally and physically). I would take my morning bootcamp and then just go back to bed. For 1 and a bit weeks, I proceeded to watch TV and movies all day, eat shit, and beat myself up. I withdraw from my friends, family members, staff and wife. I withdraw myself from the world (As I do in times like this)  

Put simply - I hit rock bottom! 

Have you ever felt like you’ve hit rock bottom before? Maybe you have? Maybe its happened countless times for you. Well, I’m here to tell you today that it’s going to be ok! You’re going to get through it, just as I have. 

It’s amazing how when you put yourself in an environment that’s positive, supportive, encouraging and energetic, just how much of a difference it makes. I was put in an environment that forced me to step up my game. It forced me to make better decisions - Do I continue to be in a negative state, get poor results and shut myself off to the world or do I turn it around and stay positive, be inspirational and empower people as I was born to do?

Your environment plays an important role with regards to your results! What type of environment are you surrounding yourself with? It took me one day to turn it all around! (Yes, it doesn’t have to take long - just make the decision to get back on track). 

Now, It’s very important when you hit rock bottom to reflect on the decisions you made that got you there in the first place. For me, it was: 

- Not eating right (neglecting my vegetables)
- Not Training
- Not getting enough sleep
- Trying to do too much at once

It’s important that once you pick yourself up, you LEARN from the situation. Too often, people pick themselves up but don’t make any changes. It means that they continue repeating the same habits over and over again until the eventually hit rock bottom again! 

You have to make a decision that enough is enough! And you have to make changes and put new strategies in place so that it doesn’t happen again. Here are the changes I’ve made already: 

- I’ve been detoxing (3+ juices a day)
- I’ve organised my meals for the week so it’s as easy as grab and go
- I’ve been getting 6-7 servings of veggies everyday!  
- I’ve de-cluttered everything in my office (so I’m not feeling overwhelemd)
- I’ve written up a list of jobs that I can outsource to other people
- I’ve put rules in place with my wife to make sure we’re getting enough sleep every night
- I’ve set up a mastermind group so that I’m hanging around like-minded positive people
- I’ve made a commitment to keep learning and growing (I booked a course in Sydney for September and have started reading again)

It’s not easy being a personal trainer and admitting that you've hit rock bottom can sometimes be hard. People look up to trainers, are inspired by them. As trainers, we’ve been taught that we need to motivate people, encourage them, support them BUT oh no, don’t let them see that we have struggles as well, that we (just like every other human being on the planet) have personal challenges and that we too, fall off track and fail from time to time.

A lot of other trainers won’t tell you about the negative experiences because they’re afraid of what you might think of them! They have a positive image to uphold, they can’t been seen eating takeaway when they don’t prescribe eating takeaway to their clients. 

Personal Trainers have become so scared of being “REAL” that all you see these days are Personal Trainers telling you how good they feel, how awesome they look, how it’s so easy to become like them. They’re only telling you one half of the story and personally, I think that’s a mistake. 

I think they’re falling in the trap of becoming FAKE. It’s one thing to inspire people with your results, but it’s also another to show people how real you are and the challenges you’ve had to overcome along the way. It’s important to show people that you’re just as human as they are! 

I’m here to tell you exactly that - I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, I've eaten take away, I've missed training sessions. You are not alone in how you feel. The most important thing is what you do when you hit those low points. How do you turn it around, how do you keep moving forward? Do you give up? Or do you take it on the chin, make the changes and make your dreams happen? 

Successful people are successful because they’ve failed more times than everybody else. And guess what, when they fail, they don’t give up. They learn, they grow and ultimately, they succeed! 

Now it’s your turn! 

Create the Ripple Effect! 

Yours in Health & Fitness
Dale White

Head Trainer & Exercise Scientist