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Get Adequate Vitamin D to lose Belly Fat!

Tuesday September 30 2014 12:03 PM

Vitamin D - also known as the "sunshine vitamin” can be produced by the body through the skin and sunlight. As it turns out, the majority of our population in Australia is NOT getting enough! 

New research suggests that taking vitamin D can be beneficial in reducing belly fat and achieving a better body composition. Visceral belly fat is fat that is deep inside the abdominal cavity surrounding the vital organs. Visceral Fat is linked to greater risk for poor health and a number of diseases. 

Not only is it linked to visceral belly fat percentage and body composition, but adequate vitamin D will also increase muscle strength as well as play a role in optimal immune function and injury prevention. 

The best way for people to begin increasing their vitamin D levels and losing belly fat is to take a high-quality D supplement of at least 5,000 IUs (International Units) a day. 

Because the majority of the population are low in Vitamin D, I always recommend a higher dosage to clients (like the 5,000 IU’s) BUT I always recommend regular tests for serum vitamin D through your local doctor so that we can adjust the intake for maximal health and body composition over time. 
Experts advise that levels between 40-80 ng/ml are optimum. 

My findings were based on the following studies:

Rosenblum, J., Castro, B., et al. Calcium and Vitamin D Supplementation is Associated with Decreased Abdominal Visceral Adipose Tissue in Overweight and Obese Adults. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2012. 95(1). 

Seo, J., Cho, H., et al. Association Between Visceral Obesity and Sarcopenia and Vitamin D Deficiency in Older Koreans: The Ansan Geriatric Study. Journal of the American Geriatric Society. 2012. Published Ahead of Print. 

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Yours in Health & Fitness

Dale White

Head Trainer & Exercise Scientist