Ripple Fitness is a Mobile Personal Training & Bootcamp Company. 

We deliver the very best in Personal Training and Bootcamps from Brisbane through to Logan! Yes, We Come To You!

Our Rip Fit Trainers are fun, challenging and results driven! We customise every program and design it based on your needs and lifestyle (because we know everyone is different!)

We provide real world REULTS by utilising accountability, support and hard work. We make exercise fun and help people achieve all the health and fitness goals they're after!

Testimonials & Transformations

Our clients have some incredible stories to share. As well as achieving amazing results with regards to body fat, cm's lost, our clients have dramatically increased their fitness and totally transformed their life! They have clearer skin, improved energy, and more confidence than ever before! Check out their inspiring stories! 

"Having such a great support network through ripple fitness and couple of close friends has been the key to my success." Anita (Read Anita's full transformation story here)

"Dale has taught me that turning up is more than half the battle won ... That CONSISTENCY is key!" Esther (Read Esther's full transformation story here)

"I am truly grateful for the lessons, celebrations and growth - shared by Dale & his team. Ripple Fitness is my way of life - Move, Nourish, Believe and Action All!!!" Phoebe (Read Phoebe's full transformation story here)

"Ripple Fitness made me realise that even though I have some medical conditions it doesn't mean I have to give up on a fit and healthy lifestyle." Kate (Read Kate's full transformation story here)

"What I found was a new way of life, not one of these quick fix fitness regimen where you pay someone to yell at you 'if it's burning it's working'! Kathryn (Read Kathryn's full transformation story here)

"It feels amazing to have my "old self" back again. I no longer suffer pain in my back/neck anymore, I'm back to my active, vibrant self." Kirsty (Read Kirsty's full transformation story here)

Client Christmas Video to Head Trainer Dale White