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The Number 1 Tip To Reaching Your Goals!

Wednesday March 04 2015 12:07 PM


One of the questions I’m constantly asked by people when it comes to fitness is what is the best FIRST step to take when getting fit or chasing a new goal! 


My answer usually surprises most people because it’s different to what other trainers promote. The first step towards getting fit, running a marathon or shaping a hotter body is to find a motivating factor that excites you to train! When motivated, nothing stops you! 


You wake up excited for what the day holds and what you have to get done! You have a spring in you step, a smile on your dile and a new improved attitude towards everything! You’re on top of the world! 


BUT after a few weeks, so many of us fall into old habits and forget about why we started to train, we lose interest and majority of the time, just give up! Sound Familiar?

Don’t worry - it happens to everyone. The reason it happens is because you haven’t become emotionally attached to what you want.
Why do you want to get fitter? What are the personal reasons? If you don’t identify your WHY upfront, you will lose motivation before you even begin. If truth be told, when I first started lifting weights, it was to impress my girlfriend at the time (now my wife). It was a small “why” at the time but it got me started and moving in the right direction :-)
Let’s take sporting champions for example - Do you think they quit once they win one title? Absolutely not! They go after the next one, and the next one and the next one until they become the very best in their field. How do you suppose they continue to stay so consistent over such a long period of time (say a Michael Jordan) - you got it - their why is SO POWERFUL that it literally pulls them towards the outcome they want. 
To continue powering to new levels, we must continue working on our why. If the why isn’t powerful enough, you won’t make it happen, period! Once you have a powerful why, the how is easy.. I have a hugely successful friend who says “If your why don’t make you cry, it’s not your why!”

Find your why and the how will come easily. Create the Ripple Effect!

Yours in Health & Fitness,

Dale White
Head Trainer & Exercise Scientist