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How to be a Winter Warrior!

 Sunday, May 12, 2013 6:48 PM


You might think it only happens to you. It doesn’t. It happens to all of us! The cold mornings, the cold nights, the wet grass, the warmth of your doona! Yes, winter is fast approaching! But that doesn't mean you can't keep losing weight and shredding fat. In fact, following our winter fitness tips this winter will have you on your way to buying those brand new bikini's this summer! 


Winter is the BEST time to get moving! It's perfect for setting yourself up for the fun run events in spring! While everyone else is trying to find the magic pill in summer (which always happens), you'll be maintaining that great body and enjoying the summer months after putting the hard yards in now!


Winter is also the best time to buy some new outfits and set some new exciting goals! Training in winter is all about consistency. Work hard on committing to every session. If you happen to sleep in one morning, forget about it straight away. We all miss one occasionally! The people who succeed don't go on to miss the next one, and then the next one - they pick themselves up right away and keep moving! 


If you’re putting in long hours at work or looking after the kids all day, and the evening is your only time to exercise, be sure to train in a well-lit area, wear clothing that is "night friendly" and train with a friend! Winter can attract kilos pretty fast, so make sure your putting yourself through some heart-pumping, high intensity interval training! (Boxing or circuits)


Treat winter as an opportunity to experiment! Set your new goals and have them fresh in your mind when it's time to get out of bed! Here are our best tips for being a winter warrior and beating the winter chill:


Tip 1 - Be organised: No one likes getting up in winter! Be sure to have everything laid out ready for your work-out before you go to bed the night before. Waking up knowing you have to get everything organised will put you off working out. Sit down, create a plan for the winter months and execute! 


Tip 2 - Get Outside: Training outside is so important during winter. It's still essential to get that Vitamin D from the sun! It'll have you buzzing for the rest of the day! Just make sure you wear layers so you can take them off as you work up a sweat, and equally importantly, put them back on when it's time to cool down and stretch!


Tip 3 - Partner Up: Working out by yourself can sometimes be hard yakka! If you're feeling deflated, un-motivated, tired and sluggish - find a buddy to work out with. You'll help each other get through the cooler months and keep each other accountable to your goals! Or even better, join a local fitness group or bootcamp in your area. Being apart of a team will help you to feel more motivated and get better results!


Tip 4 - Shop: Treat yourself and get some new (and warm) winter training outfits! My favourite is a warm tracksuit to wear during your warm-up, which you can take off once you're warm. Don't forget the beanie, scarf and gloves (These are essential). You don't have to spend a fortune - a lot of the general department stores have some GREAT things these days! Or you could even swap clothes with friend!


Follow our tips and kick winters butt! You deserve the best body for you!


Create the Ripple Effect!


Dale White

Head Trainer & Exercise Scientist